Tradespeople and local business owners……

Are you tired of not having a reliable source of high-quality, ready-to-buy customers?

Then let me show you…

How you too can future-proof and grow your business…..with at least 5 quote-ready appointments coming in every month…. completely systemised for you in as little as 30 days or you don’t pay.

Sounds great right…

But Before I share exactly how…
…. we need to talk about why you might not be seeing these results AS OF NOW. Like..

You are not able to get access to an abundant supply of possible
new customers

The customers you do manage to give a quote to don’t buy

You’re relying Heavily on referrals to keep you going.

If So….

The chances are you’re tired off Dealing with too many customer playing games…….you know the type…. the ‘penny wise and pound foolish’……. the type that are the most frustrating people you will ever working for.


You’re tired of finishing a hard days work….to finally start quotes… FOR PEOPLE YOU KNOW are Tyers kickers waste of time..who only will beat you down on price but you have no choice to do it anyway.

or possibly

You’re tied down….. by the pay per lead so called find a traderwebsites…..only to find out you have to battle is out with at leat 5 other trades fighting for the same customer.

You’re always finding yourself racing to the bottom when it comes to price….. because you have no other way to try and sell yourself.


You’re losing jobs to the sleazy cheap quote, foot-in-the-door
strategy….. only for the customer to be charged way more than what
you would have charged…. for these so-called extras they put in.


You’re tired of sending flyers, building websites, signage on vans and trying every marketing method you can think of. But still not able to systemised a way of generating new business and convert them easily

Now image you could open the tap and control the flow of
potential customers…increasing or decreasing as you see fit?

  • 5 new appointments a month….. is no longer a problem.
  • Imagine being able to get 20 dream clients coming in every month.
  • And never having to worry about client acquisition again.
  • What if you never had to resort to competing on price again…..…. and the customers were pre-sold on YOU before you even arrived?
  • Do you want to double to number of customers you have…. and are able to increase your staff comfortably to handle the extra jobs coming in…. … this could now be a reality for you.
  • What would this do for your business?
  • What impact would it have on your business if you had 20 sales calls booked with your ideal clients within the next 30 days?
  • And being able to book as many as 60% of the customers there are then
  • This is the exact systems we have set up for our trades.

We are AdzVantage a marketing agency

specialising in getting new customers in a systemised process….. ….. and giving you… a local business an advantage when it comes to generating more revenue and sales.
without being bound by older outdated and unreliable methods.

What We Focus On

  • Expanding your online presence, reaching a wider audience…..making it easier for customers to find you and learn about your business.
  • Attract new customers and increase your customer loyalty with targeted campaigns and valuable offers, helping you grow your business and achieve success.
  • Streamline your marketing efforts, giving you more time and resources to focus on other areas of your business and allowing you to feel more in control and confident in your marketing efforts.
  • Measure the success of your campaigns and see a tangible return on investment, giving you the data and insights you need to make informed decisions about your marketing budget and allocate your resources effectively
  • Get the most out of your marketing budget and see a tangible return on your investment, helping you achieve your business goals and feel more confident in your marketing efforts.

What You Will Get Is

  • Acquisition booster system. With the top strategies proven and tested with the market to increase exposure and acquisition. To gain control of the flow of customers coming into your business
  • Appointment mastery, making sure all customers a ready to buy from you…. and already know….. you are the go-to person for the job before you even finalise a quote.
  • Optimisation Pro – A constant optimisation method to make sure you are optimising every aspect of the business to handle more revenue and customers. A fully Data-driven results-focused and optimising process and never market blind wishing for results again.
  • Systemising Supreme – An organised and proven method of retention and referral and review systems are put in place so you grow organically till you become the leading business in your area.
  • Pipeline pro. Access to all leads, customers, data and communication via SMS, voicemails, phone calls, emails, calendar bookings and many more all on our 1 stop bespoke software. So you can contact any customer and have a history of all communications….. not to mention see how many have converted to sales and what stages are the other customers on.
  • We will get you set up and firing on all cylinders…. to make your businesses into a reliable machine of client acquisition… conversion, and retention.

However, …….

pretending like you never landed on this page and continue to get your current results.

Yo yoing back and forth at the mercy of lead resellers like the trade website who sell the same leads 4 to 5x times over. And begging for scraps.

Do you really want to….

Have the stress of not knowing where your next client is coming from.

Relying solely on word of mouth to gain future sales at no reliable rate.

Or try advertising only to waste too much money on ad spending using outdated methods.

Have no clear marketing strategy

  • Trying and testing social media in the wrong way….. making the same costly mistakes burning a hole in your pocket….. mistakes that 95% of trades are making only to find out you have wasted time and money.
  • If you are ready to explore how you too future-proof and grow your business with a steady and reliable flow of new customers coming in every month…. completely systemised for your businesses in as little as 30 days.
  • Then the next step is simple. Click the button below and book your free discovery call with us. This is a no-obligation discovery call.
  • At the very least you will walk away with actionable insights that you can use right away

Frequently Asked Questions

If you don’t receive at least 5 non-time-waster customers and are ready to get quotes for possible works then you don’t pay.

We use a combination of paid ads to generate the leads and then we manually engage in conversation to make sure they’re not time wasters and then we pass them to you for booking quotes.

No, you will not be tired into a fixed contract. We will work with you for 1 month and when you are happy with the service we can proceed from there.

Click below and get yourself booked in

So you too can start taking the first steps to take back control of your revenue and sales.